Music artists and bands often rely on private aviation for their fast jet-setting lifestyle. Private airplanes save much-needed time during busy schedules of tours and provide respite in between gigs by eliminating long queues, delays, and waiting time for regular commercial flights. And sometimes, when these jets wear interesting liveries, advertising the band’s name, they also make a spectacular announcement of the artists’ arrival in a particular city.

The Rolling Stones used a Boeing 767-300ER for their latest tour. Photo: Getty Images

The Rolling Stones, too, had their own private flying experience, first with a Boeing 737 and later on a much larger 767 for their latest tour.

Private luxury

From 2014 to 2015, the Rolling Stones’ choice of aircraft was the Boeing 737-400, the first of which was hired from Greek leasing company GainJet and the second from Phoenix-based leasing company Swift Air.

For their “No Filter Tour” in 2017, the band upgraded to the much larger Boeing 767-300ER, which, like the 737, carried the same livery of the group’s trademark lips image and the band name. The aircraft was hired from leasing company Aeronexus and had the registration number ZS-NEX.

The 767 was a significant step up for the band in onboard luxury and space. The plane has 96 huge first-class seats and a comfy leather couch that could convert into a bed and was privately placed in the cabin’s front.

The aircraft was often eagerly awaited and spotted by fans and aviation enthusiasts at various cities as the group flew around the world during their tour.

What Happened To The Rolling Stones’ Boeing 767?
The 767 featured 96 first class seats and a comfy leather couch, among other things. Photo: Getty Images

Where is it now?

The 767 first entered service 31 years ago in 1990 with LOT Polish Airlines with registration SP-LPA. Over the years, LOT leased it to airlines such as Air New Zealand and Air Europa.

In February 2016, the airplane was acquired by Aeronexus Corporation and later that year painted in the Rolling Stones livery for the band’s “No Filter Tour.”

Since 2018, the 767 has featured the Globus Reisen Voyages livery and has made several stops around the world in the last year alone. As of today, the 767’s last flight was on December 6th from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to Johannesburg, South Africa, according to

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Not the only famous 767

ZS-NEX isn’t the only 767 to have high-profile owners. Canadian rapper Drake has his own Boeing 767-200ER for private transportation. Dubbed as “Air Drake,” the jet is registered as N767CJ and features shiny gold detailing on the walls, a theatre room, fully-enclosed private suites, and velvet couches.

The aircraft is provided to Drake free of charge in a partnership with Cargojet, which covered it in its unique branding in an effort to get free publicity.

Canadian rapper Drake also enjoys a 767 for personal transport. Photo: Getty Images

American billionaire Mark Cuban also once owned a 767, the most expensive aircraft in his private jet collection. Registered as N767MV, it was configured with 98 business class seats and was often hired out for high-end charter. The plane was also used at times to transport Cuban’s NBA team, the Dallas Mavericks.

As reported by Simple Flying, Cuban’s 767 seems to have had a change of ownership as it was seen flying for Atlas Air earlier this year.

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