With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, Richard Bransons’ Virgin Atlantic has decided to offer passengers special Christmas meals from December 24 until December 26. In a statement released on Friday, December 17, 2021, the Crawley-headquartered airline said it would offer passengers a fun and festive menu to help them get into the spirit of Christmas while cruising at 38,000 feet.

Virgin Atlantic to offer a traditional Christmas dinner on select flights.Photo: Getty Images.

The airline went on to say that it would be rolling out a similar festive menu for passengers traveling over New Year. Traditional in the United Kingdom, roast turkey is the main Christmas Day meal along with stuffing and all the other trimmings. Virgin Atlantic chefs know this and plan to replicate a traditional Christmas Day lunch for all Virgin Atlantic passengers.

Virgin Atlantic to offer passengers mince pies

If you are worried about Turkey causing drowsiness because it is packed with an amino acid nutrient called tryptophan, you don’t have to worry. As well as the roast bird, Virgin Atlantic chefs have developed a cranberry and thyme-crusted salmon fillet. Virgin Atlantic says it will also offer passengers what it calls a mouth-watering millionaire’s chocolate yule log for those of you with a sweet tooth. There will also be a dreamy cheese platter for all savory lovers if sweets aren’t your thing.

Virgin Atlantic catering
Virgin Atlantic Upper-Class Christmas meal. Photo: Virgin Atlantic

Virgin also says, what would Christmas be without mince pies and some lovely Swiss Lindt chocolate. If you are not British, you may be unfamiliar with mince pies. As the name suggests, they are a pastry with a filling made up of a mixture of dried fruits and spices. While mince pies might not be everyone’s cup of tea, they are a must-have at every British Christmas dinner.

New Years Eve champagne on select flights

To celebrate the New Year and prolong the festivities, Virgin Atlantic says it is going all out to see in the New Year in style. Customers on select flights who happen to be airborne when the clock counts down to midnight on New Year’s Eve will be offered a glass of bubbly and a milk chocolate star.

economyclass catering Virgin Atlantic
Economy class Christmas meal. Photo: Virgin Atlantic

In what has been a challenging year for the aviation industry and people as a whole, Virgin Atlantic Holidays says it has seen an increase in demand for vacations at 5-star resorts. Virgin Atlantic also says that after months of travel restrictions that kept families apart, customers are increasing the length of their stays while visiting loved ones overseas.

Virgin Atlantic wants to make it a special experience

When speaking about the upcoming holidays and what Virgin Atlantic has planned, Chief Customer and Operating Officer at Virgin Atlantic, Corneel Koster, said:

“We know customers are so looking forward to their holidays or to be with their loved ones over the festive period, so we are eager to delight our customers from the moment they board our flights this Christmas. Surprising our customers with delicious feasts and treats is our way of creating memories and saying thank you for choosing to travel with Virgin Atlantic.

“Understanding the current challenges, our teams will ensure all customers fly safe and well and are more than ready to celebrate the festive period onboard, as we get our customers to their destinations in style. Many of our customers are flying to reunite with friends and family, so it’s incredibly important to us that we help make this a special experience.”

Will you be flying with Virgin Atlantic over the holidays? If so, please tell us what you are looking forward to the most in the comments.

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