We finally know what Akasa Air’s MAX 737 airplanes will look like. On December 22nd, the Indian ultra-low-cost startup airline unveiled its branding, revealing the aircraft livery, the company’s tagline, and spoke about its vision of welcoming passengers of all socio-economic backgrounds. While there’s still time before the carrier’s plan of a 2022 summer launch, the unveiling of its colors and logo has offered us for the first time a clearer picture of the brand’s official identity.

Akasa Air revealed its logo and tagline, giving us the first look at its brand identity. Photo: Akasa Air

Colors revealed

In an official statement, Akasa Air has revealed the logo that the tails of its MAX aircraft will carry – a symbol which the company describes as “The Rising A” in “Sunrise Orange” and “Passionate Purple” colors. Akasa’s communication explained its tagline “It’s Your Sky” as an inclusive brand experience meant for all kinds of travelers. In an official statement, Akasa Air’s Founder, MD, and CEO, Vinay Dube, said,

“Translating our purpose to serve every traveller with an innovative yet simple alternative required a modern and confident symbol. The Akasa Air brand identity encapsulates the collective spirit of flying and the individual pursuit of dreams for each of us. It is our promise to all, regardless of backgrounds or beliefs, that it’s your sky, your dreams, your passions, and your personal journey, and Akasa Air is honoured to be a part of it.”

The carrier’s Co-Founder and Chief Marketing & Experience Officer, Belson Coutinho, gave the reasoning behind the logo, explaining that the Akasa team wanted a logo that was simple, easy-to-recall, and connected with the brand ethos.

Now that the airline’s colors have been revealed, and if everything goes according to plan, India could witness purple and orange-tailed 737s criss-cross its skies sometime in the middle of next year.

Unveiling ‘The Rising A’ of Akasa Air

Inspired by elements of the sky, The Rising A symbolises the warmth of the sun, the effortless flight of a bird, and the dependability of an aircraft wing.

Always moving upwards. Always inspiring to rise.

— Akasa Air (@AkasaAir) December 22, 2021

Summer launch

Akasa Air’s story so far has seen some swift action in a short span of time. It wasn’t too long ago when it was reported that the former CEO of Jet Airways and GoAir Vinay Dube was looking to start a new airline in India. In January this year, he filed for a no-objection certificate (NOC) with the aviation ministry, and by then had already convinced Nikhil Ved, Jet’s former head of strategy and planning, to partner up with him.

By May, Dube had begun looking for investors and just a month later found success after convincing Rakesh Jhunjhunwala – known for his sharp business acumen – to back the airline. Jhunjhunwala’s commitment of $35 million for 40% of the company made quite a headline earlier this year.

Akasa Air: India’s Boeing 737 MAX Startup Reveals Its Branding
The carrier plans to start scheduled commercial flights in the summer of 2022. Photo: Akasa Air

After some teething problems, Akasa received the no-objection certificate (NOC) from the government that paved the way to obtain further clearances and regulatory approvals, including the all-important AOC (Air Operators Certificate). Then came the Dubai Air Show, which put to rest all speculation about the carrier’s fleet when an order of 72 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft was announced.

Akasa’s brand reveal at the turn of the year suggests that the company feels confident enough, the pandemic notwithstanding, that a summer launch is highly probable.

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