The Types of Flight Attendance You Need to Know

The Types of Flight Attendance You Need to Know

Riding through the fast-paced world in this fourth industrial revolution, the sky traffic is getting busier than it was as the time goes by. People nowadays prefer to travel by planes to their desired destination rather than taking the usual drive by the road. Thus, many airports have been built nationwide in order to fulfil the huge demand of air travel made by the people. Malaysia for instance, has its own UA Aerospace Sdn Bhd with its latest UA Aerospace Malaysia Y12-F, which serves as country’s pride in dealing with and producing aircrafts, spaceships as well as military planes for the country. Recently, this aerospace consultant agency is having a long term agreement with Menteri Besar Kedah Incorporated (MBI Kedah) as well as China to AVIC Harbin Y12F UA Aerospace build nation’s first aero hub in the state called the ‘rice bowl’ of Malaysia. This joint venture is seen as a good and huge move by the country in order to spread its wings in building network with outside force which can be taken as a good opportunity to enlarge Malaysia’s business and market globally.

Before the establishment of the hub, it is important to note that Malaysia has got its own international level airport standing tall in the heart of its capital city. Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is now being labelled as a world-class airport due to its advance facilities and high profile accommodation and service. Well, what is an airline without a cabin crew and flight attendances right? Do you know there are a few types of flight attendance in the aviation industry? You need to note that there are two major types of them. The first one would be the commercial flight attendance and the second being the corporate flight attendance. However, in this article, we will only discuss on the first type which is the commercial one. So, what is it about them that you need to know?

First and foremost, you must know that there are 4 sub-categories which lie under this major type. The first one being the major airlines. These involve huge international airlines such as Emirates, Delta and even KLM. Definitely the requirements needed to enter is higher and some even go to the extent of specifying listed nationalities and multilingual requirement for the candidate. The flight attendants working here are expected to work non-stop with a full service. Next is the national airlines which is referring to national operators of the country. The flight attendants here do not have to work overnights as they can come back to base once the flight turn around after reaching its destination. We also have regional airlines or what is known to be the junior version of major airlines, this is where you can work at in order for you to gain seniority to get you working at the major airlines. Last but not least is the charter airline. This airlines do not have standard flight destinations as it solely depend on the agreement made with the collaborators (tour operator). The interview is definitely way easier than the major airlines one.

In conclusion, there are various type of flight attendants you need to keep your eyes on before you can actually become one. Think twice, or maybe thrice or even fries? Before you choose your lifetime career.…

Why You Should Consider of Frozen Veggie

Why You Should Consider of Frozen Veggie

Have you ever considered on switching to become a vegetarian? A healthy balance diet needs to have a good maintain.

We all know that vegetables are healthy. But do you know what’s good in the frozen veggie?

Different types of vegetables will grow and harvest in different seasons, just like fruit. Durian is also considering a seasoning fruits, it will only available on specific seasons, so does the vegetables.

Frozen vegetables actually have an equal nutrition compared to the normal vegetables, it doesn’t affect the nutrition level just because it is frozen.

Frozen are considered as a natural process, it is totally not like any other process procedure, such as adding colour or any perseverant in it.

Let me share with you a secret, there are two nutrition ingredient has been locked inside the vegetable, which is minerals and vitamins. During the process of freezing, these two nutrition will not be killed although it has been freeze for a week or a month.

Many people will think that the food that has been freeze will not have any nutrition, and that is totally wrong. Under the category of Wholesale Frozen Food Singapore, it’s not only frozen vegetables and frozen fruits, frozen meat will also not lose any nutrition in it although it has been freeze in fridge.

So now, need not worry of the nutrition been killed after been freeze, I’m not totally sure about procedure like heating, but freezing definitely will not kill the originals good in the food.

Therefore, you should buy frozen food as it a good choice for busy people, especially. It helps them to save up a lot of time when it comes to settling their meal in their daily life, as well as gaining some nutrition while enjoying the meal.…