SEO Audit For Small Businesses

SEO Audit For Small Businesses

SEO audit is critical to do to figure out which SEO area you need to improve. For small businesses, SEO audit is the basic to get the SEO on point. Understanding how to do SEO audit brings you power regardless of your business category and size. Web designers and web developers understand SEO, but they do not understand your business as you do. So you need to guide the experts, such as SEO Malaysia to do your SEO audit. There are a lot of tools to do SEO audit, but here are the things that you need to check:

  • Google Analytics

Check whether Google Analytics is installed correctly on each page. Next, you should also check whether you have set up important actions that lead to conversion, such as Call To Action (CTA). Lastly, check whether the analytics is correctly configured for http or https.

  • Google Search Console

After you set up your Google Analytics, you need to follow up with Google Search Console so that you can see the correct diagnostic through the search console. Firstly, ensure that your setting has the correct protocol and URL. Secondly, check the number of your indexed pages, listed sitemaps, and any occurring errors. You should know what to improve after seeing this information. This search console reflects all feedback from Google, so any feedback should be investigated and fixed.

Response codes should present success codes (2xx). If you see a lot of 404s, redirects, and other issue codes, you should investigate and resolve those issues. Keep it mind that your goal is for people to visit, if your pages scream errors, how can people trust your site?

SEO Malaysia uses all those tools to investigate and resolve SEO issues. SEO is a continuous progress, you cannot expect an audit to be done once and that’s it. No, a routine check-up or audit is important so that your site stands on top of the search result pages and have more and more traffic that leads to more conversion.…